Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns in Corona, CA

If you’ve never broken a tooth before, you probably do not know how painful it can be and why it is important to fix it quickly. The most common way a dentist fixes a broken tooth is to place a crown on it. Dental crowns near me are essential to protecting a broken tooth and restoring the function of the tooth. We recommend anyone looking to fix a cracked or broken tooth visit Everglow Family Dentistry, a local dental clinic in Corona, CA. Dr. William L Chiueh will examine your teeth and gums and place a crown over them if needed.

Crowns have been used for a long time and are one of the most effective treatments to save a damaged tooth and prevent it from needing removal. Our dentist will conduct a thorough assessment and explain the process and your options if you need a crown so that you have nothing to worry about except attending your appointment.

How Do Crowns Work?

Crowns, or caps, as they are sometimes called, are prosthetic applications that are placed over the damaged portion of a cracked or broken tooth. So long as enough of the tooth remains above the gum’s surface for the crown to attach to, they are the first choice for a dentist to repair the damage.

Crowns come in different types and can be made of different materials. Some patients prefer a more aesthetically pleasing crown, so they choose a material that can be shaped and molded to resemble the natural tooth. In general, these materials that can be molded and colored are less durable but look better.

If you want a crown that is the most durable, then the dentist may suggest a metal or zirconia crown. These are usually the best option for the back teeth that have to endure more pressure from chewing food. Weaker materials have a higher chance of breaking. You can make your decision or go over the pros and cons with our dentist here at Everglow Family Dentistry in Corona, CA when you come in for your visit.