Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants in Corona, CA

Have you ever wondered if there is a way to keep your teeth from getting stained as quickly, keeping them from suffering as much daily wear and tear? While good oral hygiene helps to maintain your teeth and keep them healthy, preventing daily wear is a bit more difficult. Thankfully, one solution that many dentists recommend is dental sealant. Dental sealants near you are great for anyone who wants to keep their teeth as healthy as possible.

Dr. William L Chiueh at Everglow Family Dentistry in Corona, CA, offers dental sealants for kids starting as soon as they start to get their permanent teeth in, so if you’re thinking of getting a dental sealant, now is the time to see us and find out more about the process.

What is Involved in Getting a Sealant Put On?

Sealants are one of the simplest procedures here at Everglow Family Dentistry in Corona, CA, but they are one of the most beneficial if you start early.

The sealant itself is a layer of thin plastic material that is graded to be dental-safe. The material is custom fitted and placed over a patient’s teeth. Depending on the specific material used, the teeth may need to be ground so that the material adheres to the teeth. Once the teeth are prepared, the material is placed over the teeth with an adhesive and then allowed to dry. Sometimes the dentist will use a special light to speed up the drying process.

The best thing about sealants is that they are easy to apply and generally last for several years before needing to be replaced. This makes them an excellent investment, considering how they can protect teeth, leading to fewer dental visits for things like whitening and cavities. They will not protect teeth from anything, but minor daily wear, staining from food and drinks, and cavities, if you maintain a good oral hygiene routine. If this is the right option for you or someone in your family, talk to our dentist today about getting them.