Invisalign in Corona, CA

Being told that you need braces if you are a teen or young adult is not something you want to hear. If you are the parent of a teen, then you probably have seen the anguish on their face. This is because traditional metal braces are unsightly, painful, and must be worn for years to correct a misalignment issue. While braces are incredibly necessary because not fixing an alignment issue can cause numerous other problems, most patients do not like wearing them.

That’s where you need to find an Invisalign dentist in Corona, CA, like us here at Everglow Family Dentistry. Invisalign near me offers a safe and effective alternative in most cases to traditional braces. Not all cases are suitable for Invisalign, so talk with our dentist first and have an evaluation done to know whether you or your child are eligible.

Perks of Invisalign

If you live in Corona, CA, and see us at Everglow Family Dentistry for Invisalign, we will determine the severity of your alignment issue. Once we ascertain you are a good candidate for Invisalign, you will be scheduled to create your custom Invisalign trays.

The first advantage of Invisalign involves the use of transparent plastic trays in place of brackets and wires. No one will see your braces when you are out in public. This removes all the shame and social stigma of having a mouth full of metal.

Second, because the trays are custom fitted to each patient, they are generally more comfortable, making it easier for patients to wear them properly and complete their treatment without any problems. They can even be taken out for up to two hours daily, which is impossible with traditional braces.

Lastly, Invisalign takes less time to work than traditional braces. In some cases, you can be done with treatment in up to half as much time as metal braces, meaning less time feeling awkward and pained.